Saturday 14 July 2012

Wader movements

Recently I mentioned the unusually large group of Red Knots at Titchwell that have been summering there for the last few years, this year reaching around 2,000 birds. It seems that Waders are changing their habits.
Red Knots over Titchwell, Norfolk June 2012
In the news yesterday there was a report about huge numbers of Black-tailed Godwits arriving in South Wales a month before normal. This would indicate a bad breeding season and although most agree that a single bad breeding season is not a disaster, several in a row would be. It will be interesting to see how many juveniles turn up.
Black-tailed Godwits, Titchwell, Norfolk June 2012
Last month there was an influx of Wood Sandpipers, they seemed to be everywhere (except in Newport Pagnell) we didn't get a chance to go and see one, but we will surely get a chance later on (he says hopefully). We haven't seen one this year.
Wood Sandpiper, Titchwell, Norfolk August 2011
We did try to see the Long-billed Dowitcher up at the ouse washes but failed miserably, it had gone the day we went.

Today there are three Pectoral Sandpipers reorted in Norfolk, Northumberland and Wexford. The Norfolk one could be of interest if we are out and about, but we have already seen this species this year in Brazil.

Pectoral Sandpiper, Ubatuba, São Paulo January 2012
Yesterday there was a White-rumped Sandpiper reported, but I don't recall where exactly, this again we would go and see if we were out and about, but wouldn't make a special trip as we saw one in the USA.
White-rumped Sandpiper, Milford Connecticut May 2012
 However the Temminck's Stint that was seen yesterday and again today at Rutland could be of interest if it stays; we can't get away today.

July and August are exciting times for wader watchers and we can't wait to see what this autumn brings!

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