Saturday 28 July 2012

New site added to links

I have just added the following link to the list in the right hand column of this page; UAE Birding.

This fantastic site has it all and is very user friendly. The UAE is a destination that many may not have thought of in terms of birding, but even a quick look through this site will change all that. Anything that you could possibly wish to know about the birds (and more) of the UAE is to be found there. It has pages for details of sites, a forum for discussion, details of guides, lists, a gallery of amazing photographs and much more.

From my point of view, the thought of seeing Crab Plover and White-tailed Plover is a mouthwatering prospect, but there are many other goodies to be found there for those not so bothered about waders.

Tommy Pedersen's likeable personality shines through in every paragraph on every page, both knowledgeable and humorous at the same time. Gathering information is rarely this much fun.

Tommy is an accomplished wildlife photographer, he took this incredible shot
of a Horned Sungem when he was with us in Minas Gerais, Brazil
₢ Tommy Pedersen.

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