Friday 13 July 2012

Plovercrest Video and Photos

Plovercrests are one of the most sought after birds by any visiting birder to the Atlantic forest in south-east Brazil. The male with its fantastic crest is a sight to behold.
Male Plovercrest ₢ Elis Simpson
The female, although not as spectacular, has a certain amount of subtle charm of her own.
Female Plovercrest ₢ Elis Simpson
Here is a video that Elis took of the Plovercrests at the feeders in the Pousada Três Pinheiros in Campos do Jordão. This is the best place I know for seeing these little gems with any certainty. The rufous hummer that appears briefly is a female Brazilian Ruby, another endemic.

Accommodation at the Pousada Três Pinheiros:

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