Wednesday 26 June 2013

Villas marshes

While in Lima we visited the Villa Marshes. Well, we didn't actually visit the marshes as such, just a lagoon behind the beach there. It was quite dramatic with heavy breakers crashing on the beach the spray from which was creating a haze across the scene.

Large Pacific breakers creating a mist
The first sight that we came across was dozens of Inca Terns bathing in the fresh water.

A frenzy of Inca Terns bathing
In among them were several Grey Gulls, migrants from the south.

Grey Gulls (with a singleadult and asingle juv Belcher's Gull)
On the gull theme there was a few Franklin's Gulls dotted among the many Belcher's and Kelp Gulls.

Franklin's Gull

Kelp and Belcher's Gulls
Belcher's Gull is interesting as it is the only gull that I know of that only has a black head in winter plumage.

Adult winter Belcher's Gull

Juvenile Belcher's Gull
On the lagoon itself there were some interesting birds such as the Andean Coot, Great Grebe (just look at that bill), Ruddy Ducks (the black-headed form) and Cinnamon Teal.

Andean Coot

Great Grebe

Ruddy Duck
Cinnamon Teal
As we were leaving we came across this smart looking Long-tailed Mockingbird.

Long-tailed Mockingbird
Good birding in the good company of bird guide Renzo Zeppilli.

Me and Renzo


  1. Great blog and nice to see posts from Peru. Great memories from Pucusana. Nice to see Renzo too, worked with him in Tambopata, tell him Pat said hi if you see him!

    1. Thanks Pat for your comment. Pucusana is an amazing place I don't think I have ever experienced anything quite the same, great birding and of course all the better for having Renzo along with us. I'll be writing to him later, I'll pass on your message!

  2. Well this is great post and i like to read you experience of Pucusana. It is really a great place crowded with different types of bird species. I love to see that place and try to plan a 2-3 days trip with friends for Peru. Thanks to you for this interesting blog.

    1. Hi Spain Villa Rental Ibiza. Thanks for your comment and sorry for the late response, we have been travelling almost constantly since August and somehow missed this comment of yours. Pucusana was a great visit too with birds easy to see and some really interesting specialities too. By all means send us an email and we'll tell you what we can about the place.

  3. Dear Rick,
    Your blog is inspirational! I'm off to Lima on Christmas Day and seeing the places you went to has been fabulous preparation for what's in store. Great photos and interesting read. Thanks and all the best.
    Gary Prescott aka Biking Birder 2010

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  5. Great topic and wonderful information! A little history about this villa and pictures are awesome...I feel to visit this beautiful villa.

  6. Good to see we have been to some of the same places! We went here twice in one week in August 2015 - and also to La Punta (Callao) - many lifers for me.