Tuesday 25 June 2013

More book signing!

Back in São Paulo Elis and I took the opportunity to go and visit one of our other friends Milena Corbo who we missed in Campinas. She was spending some time in São Bernardo on family business so we popped down to see her to get her to sign the books she helped to write, which she duly did for us. I had left her copy of Confessions of a Bird Guide with Carlos and Viviane in Campinas, just in case we didn't get together.

Elis with Milena and the two books she co-authored and signed for us.
We had a splendid time together catching up with everything but all too soon we had to return to São Paulo to sort out some bank business.

Me, Milena and Elis
And, just to prove that a sprawling metropolis, in this case São Paulo, can look attractive...
... if you like that sort of thing!
Plus, as this is a bird watching blog, here are a couple of Brazilian antbirds taken in Ubatuba, firstly Spot-backed Antshrike,
Spot-backed Antshrike, Ubatuba, Brazil 2013.
secondly Ferruginous Antbird.

Ferruginous Antbird, Ubatuba, Brazil 2013.
Plus some unknown (to me) species of lizard, also in Brazil.

Lizard, Ubatuba, Brazil 2013.


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