Monday 18 March 2013

Trip to Sandy

Elis and I had a trip out to the RSPB HQ at Sandy to buy some food for the birds, whilst there we had a stroll down to the first hide to see what was about. The best bird for us was a lovely Stock Dove that strode around on the floor under the feeders until a Woodpigeon came down and chased it off.

Stock Dove
From this angle the neck patch looks purple.

Stock Dove detail of head and neck, a subtly beautiful bird.
Good comparison of size with this Woodpigeon chasing off the Stock Dove.

There was a good variety at the feeders with Siskin and Redpoll joining the usual tits.

A flurry of birds at the feeders including both Lesser Redpoll and Siskin.
What nice pair!

Sparring partners.
Coal Tit is a bird that we don't get at home so it was good to see them.

Coal Tit
Elis also took shots of other common birds that came to visit, it's amazing how we take these great birds for granted as we see them so often.

The striking male Blackbird

The exotic looking Magpie

The attractive male Chaffinch
We then returned to the car park and spent a short time watching the feeders there. We saw a huge flock of Siskins and to my delight a quartet of Bramblings. I really love these birds.

Quartet of Bramblings with a foraging male Siskin.
There was also a Nuthatch that came down the tree, took a morsel from the ground and then disappeared up the tree again.



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