Monday 4 March 2013

Species number 35 for the garden: Reed Bunting.

I was watching the telly this afternoon (having a break from writing) when the phone rang. In order not to disturb Elis who was also watching I took the phone call in the office. As I sat talking to my father, for it was he who had rung, I looked out at the bird table and there was a Reed Bunting!

I called Elis and she got a couple of record shots of it on the table, it then flew to the washing line,

and from there onto the seed tray.

Eventually it went to the ground to feed and there it remained for some 15 minutes.

 Hope it comes back another day.
We have also been treated to repeat performances from the Siskins from time to time. Mostly a male on its own but sometimes a female accompanies him or another male.

Siskin male.

Siskin pair.

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