Monday 14 January 2013

I bet I'm the only one to...

do a blog about snow today!! Arf! Arf!

But first, on the theme of white things, here is last week's large, white-winged gull, the Glaucous Gull at Foxcote Reservoir.

Taken in almost total darkness

It's amazing what can be achieved with a camera these days.
So then to this morning in the garden. The first bird I saw when I opened the curtains was a Pied Wagtail, the first ever in the garden itself, sadly the photographer was not quick enough to record the event. But she did get some shots of other birds, like this Blackbird.

And these Goldfinches.

 We then set off into Salcey Forest.

On our way to the Hansen Environmental Centre.

Where we saw four Robins together, something that you only see when the weather is this severe.

Adult wearing the latest in 'titfer' fashion, a snowflake

First winter bird

Rare sight of two Robins together on a bird table
There were other birds there too including;

Willow Tit

Great Tit

We have got next year's Christmas Cards sorted at least, expect one of these on your doormat next Christmas.

This is a shot of me gallantly keeping the car warm while Elis braved the snowy weather to get some of these shots.

As the sun sank slowly in the west, Elis was still braving the cold to get sunset pictures with a difference (well, certainly different from Brazil anyway).

Good night, keep warm and don't forget to feed the birds and more importantly supply them with clean, fresh water when it's icy!

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