Tuesday 18 September 2012

The great British Badger bashing contest.

Today it starts. The unnecessary and disgusting pilot badger cull is under way.

It seems incredible to me that, time after time, scientific research indicates that there is no benefit to the cull and that it could even exacerbate the situation and yet this is ignored by our self-serving politicians (of all parties!). They will continue doing surveys until someone finally does some research to support their prejudices and spineless lust for votes.

I ask you this: Who gave the Bovine TB to the badgers in the first place? Why have the farmers not been charged with introducing an alien disease into a healthy, natural, wild animal population, and an animal that is supposedly protected by the law at that?

Talking of the law, how absurd that a police spokesman included in his blurb that the protesters, that will certainly be out in force, could be charged with 'disturbing badgers' among many other trumped up charges!

It makes you want to rush out and buy the cheapest milk you can doesn't it? Farmers continue to bleat about their hard times, yet they are prepared to stump up thousands to kill things unnecessarily. Place that money in research or a vaccination programme. If the government are so concerned about the farmers they should compensate them properly, not placate them by legalising their blood lust.

Custodians of the countryside? Don't make me laugh! These people will not be happy until every living thing that does not turn a profit in the countryside is eradicated! Buzzards, harriers, sparrowhawks, crows, badgers, foxes, hedgerows, wild flowers, the list goes on. Miserable, money-grabbing, murdering, ... well, you know the rest.

Farmers want our sympathy, this is NOT the way to go about getting it.

Leave our badgers alone!

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