Monday 17 September 2012

Garden tick

For ages I have been banging on about the lack of Greenfinches at the feeders, i.e. none! They have been seen in the fields behind the estate and are generally not uncommon (although significantly less common than in the past).
Greenfinch photographed Bury Field.
So I was delighted this morning to finally get one on the feeder, a garden tick. Elis rushed to get her camera, and as with the recent Coal Tit (which was never seen again by the way) the photo through the glass double-glazing was naff, so she tried to creep stealthily out of the back door to get a clearer shot.
Naff through-the-double-glazing record shot.
The Greenfinch was having none of it and flew up into the rowan tree where Elis caught this shot of it just before it flew off.
Our first Greenfinch.

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