Tuesday 27 May 2014

New bird number 51 (and 52 & 53)

To the background of our now resident Whitethroat I glanced out of the window across the field towards the lake. Yesterday, the farmer had decided that he needed to cut down a number of the willows that blocked our view of the water. I'm not sure how I feel about cutting down trees at this time of year, but the clear benefit is that straight away I can now add Great crested Grebe to The Cottage list!

It is now just a matter of time until Tufted Duck and Coot which both frequent the lake hit the list.

Great Crested Grebe; obviously not the birds we can see from the cottage. Elis has a good lens, but not that good!

When we moved in our neighbours, who also love their birds, told us they had a list of 60 species. We thought this was exciting but we didn't realise just how birdy our garden was to become and coupled with our view, which has just 'improved' from a listing point of view, I believe we will soon overtake our friends' garden list.

Stop Press! Since writing this another day has dawned and with it, the sighting of a Coot and a Tufted Duck as predicted.

Tufted Duck; comment as per grebes above.

Eurasian Coot; ditto.

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