Sunday 24 February 2013

Three new birds for the garden.

The other day we had a Feral Pigeon which was not so terribly exciting but took us to 32. The two we had this morning though took our breath away. Taking our garden total to 34 we have two new additions to the list. Lesser Redpoll and Eurasian Siskin.

Goldfinch, Siskin and Redpoll at the same feeder.
We were sitting talking and watching the feeders this morning when a large flock of Goldfinches arrived and with them a Lesser Redpoll and three Siskins, two females and a male.

Fortunately they stayed long enough for Elis to get her camera and shoot these record shots through the double glazing.
Lesser Redpoll

Goldfinch and Siskins

Busy feeders, a sight for sore eyes!

Male Siskin

Male Siskin

Siskin and Robin.

Trying to work out how many individual Blackbirds are coming to the garden is hard, but the maximum count we have had at any given moment 8 males and 5 females making at least 13 individuals. The birds seem to be coming and going all the time so I am willing to bet there are a few more than this in total. No matter how many there are we will enjoy their multitudes while they are still here and are pleased to be able help fatten them up before their push north.

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