Confessions of a Bird Guide.

“Birds? Why birds? Candidly, I’ve no idea, there's just something about them; can't quite put my finger on it, but from sparrow to albatross I love 'em all.”

Confessions of a Bird Guide is a witty, candid account of Rick Simpson’s adventures in birding and a life that has taken him from England to Brazil and back again. Charting his journey from young boy in a makeshift hide, through the twitching years to becoming a bird guide in Brazil and eventually setting up the Ubatuba birdwatching centre, it is a tale full of highs and lows, of buff-throated purpletufts and black-hooded antwrens, of friendship and subterfuge that is sure to strike a chord with birders everywhere. 

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If you have read the book and would like to leave a comment below, feel free to do so. Here is what others have said:

"A good read. Fun, well written." - Janneke Kimstra, Bilthoven, Netherlands.

"What a wonderful treat I had reading your book, it was like you talking to me. It has everything; makes you smile, laugh and also brings a tear to the eye". - Marian Escott, Devon, UK.

"Just finished your book - great stuff. It's a real page turner, funny and in places sad, and powerfully written throughout! - Paul Reddish: Wildlife Film Producer, Free Spirit Films, UK.

"Book arrived Friday. Read it in one go, straight away, thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for the sequel." - Mick Watts, UK.

"Thanks for the book...I like your style, well written and informative also amusing a good read... Will recommend it at every opportunity." -  Mick Hodgkins 

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