Sunday 26 September 2021

 A very good friend of ours and a Friend of Wader Quest to boot, has been in touch to say they have joined up to take part in the Big Wild Walk organised by the Wildlife Trusts. She is a member of the Sussex WT and has a particular soft spot for Bank Voles. For this reason she has created a team for her fundraising called the Bank Vole Ramblers.

Our belief is that caring is the first step to conservation and, if our friend Alicia cares enough to help protect the environment through this cause then we wanted to support her and her husband.

If you feel you'd like to help out too, even in a small way, it all adds up, then please go to their fundraising page and make a donation to help them to help the Wildlife Trust. Of course there is also nothing to stop you from joining the team and raising funds that way, which can also be done via the fundraising page.

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