Monday 2 June 2014

Wren family first outing.

There has been a lot of racket around our house today. The sound of scolding wrens being chief among the causes. The reason for this noise? Chicks! It seems that the wren family is having its first outing. Mum and Dad are understandably anxious and the kids hungry.

Agitated adult with a beaf full of spider calls from the top of the garden wall.

Meanwhile the youngsters sit quietly and wait.

We are not sure where the nest had been, but they were first seen in a flowering current bush outside our window where we had placed an upturned pot in the hope of attracting a pair of wrens to nest. Not sure if they used this or came from elsewhere, but it was good to see them especially as one of the Blue Tit nests has failed.

One of the chicks has broken out of the garden and is safely in the brambles outside our back window. having been lured there by an adult.

This adult wren sings from the brambles to attract the baby birds out of the garden and into the thicker cover.

We have been keeping our eyes on the Jackdaws that come to the garden to feed. Two sets of adults have been seen to collect beaks full of food and head off in opposite directions so presumably have nests, two head off one way and two the other. We have been keeping vigil to check they don't go off with a baby wren in their beak instead. The two couples seem to be quite happy to feed alongside one another with little or no aggravation.

Three of our four adult Jackdaws.

We stopped seeing the adult Blue Tits coming and going and there was no sound from inside the box, so we took a peek and were dismayed to find seven dead chicks, all quite small, and an unhatched egg. We emptied the box and prepared it in the hope that next year we'll have more luck.

Adult Blue Tit in happier times. Just after this picture was taken it emerged with a faecal sac. We haven't seen this scruffy individual since that day, nor its partner, so we are guessing they have become food for something else.

The sparrows continue to come sporadically and the Great Tits have started bringing their young to the feeders.

Female House Sparrow.
Juvenile Great Tit at the fast food while Mum tries to persuade it to eat more healthily!
The Song Thrush that we have been hearing for so long without seeing has a new song post that can be seen from the kitchen reducing the number of 'H's for heard-only in the daily log.

Long lens through the kitchen window; our songster gives forth to delight our senses late in the day.


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