Monday 22 July 2013

So that's why they call them sparrowhawks!

Working away at her computer, organising the thousands of photos she has and sourcing my incessant demands for photos to illustrate our blogs, Elis happened to glance up and saw this Eurasian Sparrowhawk on prey in our front garden through a gap in the blinds.
Eurasian Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus on our from lawn. First record shot.
Immediately she leapt into action and started photographing it.

Male Sparrowhawk with prey.
The prey turned out to be a juvenile House Sparrow, hence the title of this blog.

One less sparrow in the world.
This magnificent male sat and plucked the bird for a while.

Plucking the sparrow.
A beak full of feathers.
His sharp eyes soon noticed us ogling him.

We've been rumbled!
He then gathered up his goods and disappeared.

And he's off!
This was probably the best view I've ever had of a Sparrowhawk and certainly the first time I've had one in the garden, anywhere!

Nature at work, a real privilege to see this at close hand. Not so much fun for the sparrow though.

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