Saturday 28 April 2012

Two more migrants and a 40 quid fine!

Elis and I were just passing Willen when she decided to check the mobile for messages and found a message from Simon Nichols saying that there were 3 Black Terns at Willen South lake. So we stopped by.
Black Tern
It was raining quite hard but we made our way to the lakeside and sure enough, there were the terns, and flying above us we saw two Common Swifts. (Aparently there had been five there earlier.)
As the weather was so rotten Elis didn`t get much satisfaction photo wise, but Elis caught one bird perched on a bouy and another resting on the boardwalk with a Common Tern. The light was too dreadful to get any decent action shots in flight; the swifts got away!
Black and Common Tern

Common Tern
When we got back to our car we saw a bloke putting a ticket on it... note to self - remember to carry change in the car!

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